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You may ask; what is that? Why it’s our Digital Storybook to be exact.  It’s filled with stories and pictures and movies for you to see, and funny characters that will make you laugh with glee!  These stories are great for kids of all ages, and their imaginations will run wild as they flip through all the pages. When your child clicks on the button “Read it to me”, they will be delighted by the movies that they will see!


We are always working on new stories, that are creative and are fun, and we’ll add them to our Storybook App, just as soon as they are done!




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Bedtime Frights


What is keeping poor Joey up at night?  Is it a bedtime monster?  But which one?


Perhaps it could be a Snoodle, a Biddle, a Glomby or a Snee.  Maybe it's not a monster at all but rather his mind playing tricks on him!


This delightful book tells the story of Bedtime Frights through fun rhymes and beautiful artwork in which our youngest readers are sure to enjoy!

A Biddle's Big Problem


This little Biddle has a big problem, he has a new neighbor.  You see, he's a Biddle from the East. The one thing Biddles from the East don't like are Biddles from the West... and one just moved in next door.  Will the two Biddles learn to get along? Or, maybe they will continue to bicker and fight simply because they are originally from different sides of the woods?


In this story we explore how we may be different in some ways, but deep down we may have more in common than we think! 


Big Trouble with Idunno


Friends are the best thing for us…..most of the time.  What will Joey do when he finds out that his newest friend, Idunno, is a pest and is always getting Joey in trouble?  Sometimes learning that a new friend is the worst thing for you is the hardest thing to take.  Will Joey understand this and make the right decision?


In this book we take a playful look at how hanging out with the wrong friends can get you into a lot of trouble, even though it isn’t your fault. Sadly, there are always consequences for our actions. 

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